Next 9th Gen member?

Usually when I am procrastinating on homework, I browse through youtube to find random Idol videos that I have not seen before. Earlier today I stumbled upon a girl who reproduces the dances of famous Idol/japanese songs. I’ve heard of this girl before, but never really paid attention to her until today. Her dancing is sharp and precise, while keeping a cute Idol aura that I always enjoy seeing in my favorite Idol groups.

I was told by someone that this girl would be auditioning for Morning Musume this fall, which has me worried on how far she is going to go since UFA is looking for girls between 10-17 and she is 19 according to her blog. I hope Tsunku wasn’t an idiot and denied this girl a chance to audition base solely on her age, because just going by the dance videos alone, I can see this girl becoming part of the H!P family.

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  1. it’ll also depend on if she can sing decently. it’d be neat if she got picked up. i’ll die laughing if tsunku lets her go and gets picked up by akimoto. for my health i hope that doesn’t happen.

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