new teams compete

at first it may just appear to be just a random bowling special, but i see it as a test run for the new teams; how they act together, and if the team chemistry is there.  for example, bowling team b: aside from kashiwagi, the team leader, everyone else was either a research student or in a different team, prior to the shuffle.  same goes for bowling teams A and K: besides the team’s leaders takajyo and sae, the rest are in their respective teams for the first time.

other than that the setup is pretty standard: team A, K, B, and SKE will play a round of bowling, and the top two teams will compete in the final round.  during the first round, there are of course, random punishments and absurd conditions placed throughout to make it more interesting.

this was a two-hour special and i just highlighted clips that i liked so i just focused on my favorite members.  also, myao and sae were definitely high on something throughout this special.  too much sugar maybe?

myao wouldn’t shut up, always talking trash and starting chants while sae was just restless whenever it wasn’t her turn.  they’re awesome.

i have to say, new team B is getting a lot of my attention.  the balancing between teams have been tweaked, but i think they buffed team B almost too much.  sato sumire and komori mika, the two most popular newcomers from the research team, are both on team B.  myao, kitarie and kasai each have a wealth of fans following them from their old teams, and all these members are in addition to the insanely popular watanabe mayu and kashiwagi yuki.  this team seems completely frontloaded with stars now, and could become the next ‘team A’, even if they don’t have the same popularity as atsuko or mariko.  it could be just me, but throughout the entire bowling special, i just naturally paid more attention to team B.

but i’m just a broken record whenever i talk about these new teams.

let’s go team B!

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