New summer blockbuster announced!

Paruru is Salt movie poster

AKB48 Team B member SHIMAZAKI HARUKA prepares to make her American screen debut this summer. Affectionately know to the idol world as “Paruru,” Shimazaki has been cast as the lead role of Evelyn Salt in a reboot of the 2010 mystery suspense thriller originally starring Angelina Jolie.

Not much is currently known about the project only that the script is being handled by David Liao and David Chang of NSK. Acclaimed Director L.P. Tung as signed on as well as Director of Videography Daniel Dae Lee. Currently the project is in casting and filming is scheduled to being in March.

The web is a buzz with talks of a possible cast. Rumors include Michelle Rodriguez, Daniel Day Lewis, Yoshi Hagiwara and Liam Neeson.

Stay tuned as more is released, NSK will bring you all the details.


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  1. This is some EPIC stuff indeed! I trust a full on Paruru Trailer edit – full of Salty face death stares & eating gifs – lol. I truly would love to see an Action Movie parody from Japan that starred Paruru, Itano, & Yuko (Sasshi could be the antagonist ) and periodically Geesh could just pop up as ‘random extras’ characters (Handing out Hot Dogs or on the phone in the back trying to get “Screen Time”)- Make it like a “Naked Gun” / “Airplane” comedy – it would be HUGE!!

  2. This could be cool.

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