New School Kaidan T-Shirts For Sale!


New School Kaidan No Idol and Tiger Fire Shirts!


Do you like shirts?


Have you ever wanted to wear a New School Kaidan official T-Shirt?


Well today’s your lucky day!

Here at New School Kaidan, we are happy to announce that we have official T-Shirts for sale!

Brought to you by our good friends at, our shirts are both designed by us and in collaboration with milk-tee and distribution will be handled by milk-tee!


No Sasshi! Promo Female


We have shirts available for Men and Women, from sizes XS to 3X, and in different colors!

We have Asphalt and Turquoise for our No Sasshi! shirts, which pays homage to our time-tested site logo!

We also have Black and Brown for our Tiger, Fire! shirts, which are sure to keep you prepared the next time you attend a concert and need to do the mix properly!

All of our shirts are printed on high quality American Apparel, 100% cotton, slim-fitting jersey tees.


Tiger Fire Promo


Our shirts ship internationally!

If you live in the U.S., use code: freeshipus to get free shipping on orders over $50!

Each purchase of a shirt with the New School Kaidan logo in the corner has some of the profit returned to the site, so it’s a great way to represent and directly support the site!

On that note, take yourselves over to milk-tee and grab some NSK shirts!

Also, milk-tee shirts are super cool as well so show them some love!

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  1. All my wants.


  3. AWESOME! I’m getting that mix shirt so I can remember it lol.

  4. Why does it say No Idol though?

  5. This was very unexpected lol

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