New PV Alerty: notall – #Hashtag wa Tsukerarenai

This is a novel idea: notall released their new single at live venues and select retail … and it’s cost is 0 yen. That’s right, it’s free. The A-side for the free single is appropriately titled “CD Uru no, Yamemashita (Selling CD’s, we’ve stopped that”, and this promotional video is for one of the coupling tracks, “#Hashtag wa Tsukerarenai”. In the video, get girls dance on a hilltop plaza with a scenic vista. The girls jump through the chorus with enthusiasm as the cheer their way through the song. For the rest of the promotional video, notall employ short scenes of guest idols (STARMARIE, FES☆TIVE, Iketeru Hearts, etc.) finding the titular hashtag among everyday objects: tiles, window tessellations, pasta ordered at a restaurant, and fishnet stockings. I would recommend the single to you based on the strength of “#Hastag wa Tsukerarenai” alone: the song is catchy, and the rock arrangement is engaging. Given the unusual release method, I expect it will be extremely difficult to obtain a copy. There is a mail application for a limited number of CDs on the group’s website if you are really interested. GOOD LUCK.

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