New PV Alerts: Momoiro Clover Z – Anta tobashi sugi!!

The second of five monthly digital singles from Momoiro Clover Z arrives with the punk stylings of “Anta tobashi sugi!!”. The cover of the GARLICBOYS raucous original, this latest single puts the four girls of Momoiro Clover Z as leaders of 4 very different school groups on their way to a schoolyard brawl. For my money, Ayaka’s Yankee schoolgirl and Takagi Reni’s police collaborator take top prize for their portrayals. “Anta tobashi sugi!!” is a collaboration of sorts between Momoiro Clover Z and the world of mangaka Umezu Kazuo’s “The Drifting Classroom”. Seeing the girls take on their respective roles is A LOT of fun, and the abandon of the musical track recalls the wild days of Momoiro Clover Z’s past. You can buy “Anta tobashi sugi!!” from the digital retailers listed below.



Momoiro Clover Z promoting “MOMOIRO CLOVER Z BEST ALBUM “Momo mo Jyu, Bancha mo Debana””

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