New PV Alert: ZOC – ZOC jikken-shitsu

Although it seems to have taken much longer than anyone would have guessed, Oomori Seiko finally takes part in an idol group. ZOC stands for “Zone of Control”, but is probably a Japanese pun that my gauche self doesn’t quite understand. Pooling herself with 6 girls, most of whom involved in the Miss iD beauty contest, Seiko’s fingerprints are all over “ZOC jikken-shitsu”. For one thing, Seiko gets big share of the lines in this 2:24 sample of an introduction. The new girls Karen, Kanano, Katy, Marina, Fin, and Sayaka pull faces and keep up with the choreography under the flashing lights of the sound stage recording. Dressed similarly with striped knee socks and black details like bondage straps on maid outfits, the group definitely has its share of good looking, edgy girls. ZOC smacks like alt idols with quickly paced beats under the overdriven guitar rhythms and in-between the noodling, echoed guitar leads. With nice looking credentials, I would have to put ZOC among the idol groups to watch at this early stage. Does the group pique your interest?



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