New PV Alert: ZOC – Dansyari Kareshi

A second single from ZOC makes waves today with its EDM arrangement and its bad boyfriend message. “Dansyari Kareshi (断捨離彼氏), written by Oomori Seiko gives us an edgy sound that, even with all its trappings, sounds like a rock song to my ears. Sung in the dark with ever-increasing strobe lights, “Dansyari Kareshi” features the members in blindfolds and ball-gags while panties float in the air as if suspended by some unseen industrial strength fan. Meanwhile, the titular boyfriend wags his tongue and blows smoke to suggest his dominating nature. Eventually, our girls kick the guy to the curb in a celebration of women power that echoes much of Seiko’s work (that doesn’t mean I’m tired of it, mind you). I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by Oomori Seiko, and ZOC continues her streak of acidic yet strangely cute songs. “Dansyari Kareshi” will reach stores (courtesy of T-Palette Records) on October 9, 2019.





ZOC promoting “Dansyari Kareshi”


About ZOC

ZOC (ゾック, Zone of Control) is an idol unit formed by/around artist Oomori Seiko (大森靖子) in 2018. “Zone of Control” is a term used in War and Role Playing Simulation Games. To put it simply, it refers to the concept of “Controlling the Domain” in games. This term is meant to describe the relationships of the members in ZOC where a place where belonging and supreme isolation co-exist. Of the initial members, 5 of them are alumnis of the Audition Project “Miss iD” which challenges the idea of what it means to be a girl (Omori Seiko has served on the selection commitee for Miss iD since 2014). ZOC currently includes members Aizome Karen (藍染カレン), Senritsu Kanano (戦慄かなの), Kashii Katy (香椎かてぃ), Nishii Marina (西井万理那), Unagi Sayaka (兎凪さやか), and Oomori Seiko.
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