New PV Alert: Zenbu Kimi no Seida – Kakumei Zenya

Red is the color of luck, the New Year, and Zenbu Kimi no Seida’s newest single, their seventh overall. Megumi, Mashilo, Yotsu, and Toragen robe themselves in the vermillion climb to the rooftops for a flailing performance of “Kakumei Zenya”. Closer to the ground, the foursome hit the streets of Shibuya in the wee hours for solo shots. It’s highly effective. The look of the girls in their red robes twirling like a witches coven under the cold lights is arresting in its visual interestingness. The band sound of “Kakumei Zenya” takes advantage of stable of excellent musicianship at Codomomental for a full-throttle composition that never even considers the existence of brakes. The bad news is that “Kakumei Zenya” is a limited release only available through select outlets in December 2012. Good luck getting a physical copy. Let’s hope that “Kakumei Zenya” will make an appearance on a future Zenbu Kimi no Seida release.





Zenbu Kimi no Seida promoting “Kakumei Zenya”



Zenbu Kimi no Seida (ぜんぶ君のせいだ trans. It’s all your fault) is a “Yami-Kawaii” (alluding to the hospital, “sick-cute”) indies group formed in 2015. The group expresses feelings of “poison and pretty anarchy” at the heart of humans. Zenbu Kimi no Seida wish to convey everyday frustration, nihilism, and anarchism through music, lyrics, and music videos. Kisaragi Megumi is the member / producer of the group. Zenbu Kimi no Seida’s current lineup includes Kisaragi Megumi (如月愛海), Mashiro (ましろ), Hitomi Yotsu (一十三四), and Togaren (咎憐无).
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