New PV Alert: Zankyo Symmetry – Yowamushi contradiction / Yuuyake symmetry

Zankyo Symmetry – Yuuyake symmetry

Zankyo Symmetry – Yowamushi Contradiction

Zankyo Symmetry, part of a collective “SKA iDOL-PROJECT” (you better bet that the title caught my eye) are a new addition to my rotation with this pair of promotional videos. The group bills itself as black and white (sides). First up we have the white side – pure and traditional idol. Zankyo Symmetry get the seifuku treatment for many of the shots, and white performance outfits at the beach and on a grassy meadow bolster the high school scenes. The girls definitely don’t look traditional, though: multiple piercings and a punk hairstyle from member Juso Karasu looks way too non-standard for the “pure as driven snow” idol approach.

“Yowamushi Contradiction” represents the black side of Zankyo Symmetry. For this PV, the trio perform on an interesting round, wood-floored stage. In their black outfits, Zankyo Symmetry get their groove on in front of a capable sounding three piece instrumentalist set. There’s definitely more of a rock feel to the music even with the ska beat that blends easily into the Japanese catchall pop/punk beat. “Yowamushi Contradiction” definitely should catch those of you who are more interested in an “alt-idol” sound.








Zankyo Symmetry



Zankyo Symmetry (残響シンメトリー)are “black and white idols” formed on January 22, 2018. The group is part of the SKA iDOL-PROJECT. Zankyo Symmtery’s current lineup includes Kamishiro Rika (神代梨紗), Juso Karasu (13烏), and Usami Hinako (宇佐見ひなこ).
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