New PV Alert: Yoyogi Joshi Ongakuin – My precious

The second single from Yoyogi Joshi Ongakuin (aka Yoyogi Girl Acadamy, or Yoyojyo) gets a new promotional video release today. Appropriately set on campus, the (now) six girls participate in their after school businesses: track, basketball, cooking club, etc. The Yoyojyo seifuku looks sharp with its pure white fabric and blue details, and it gives the group a distinctive look. The rooftop dance under the blue sky looks especially crisp in both execution and image clarity. Now I’m not sure if the girls are all working to impress a certain someone with their work; regardless I feel like cheering for them since they have quite the battle ahead of them in both this fictional work and the real-life idol sphere. If they can keep up this quality, I’m sure they’ll turn heads. Yoyojyo’s “My precious” goes on sale September 5, 2017 although I do not have links to any of our normal retailers to share with you.

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