New PV Alert: You’ll Melt More! – Night Hiking

Even more promotional videos from You’ll Melt More!’s (Yurumerumo!) July 13 mini album “WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL”. “Night Hiking” gorgeously shoots Ano, Chiffon, Kechon, and Younapi hiking at night in their sleepwear to a the top of a hill. It’s not really a hike; it’s more like a walk. But, they are carrying instruments to their vantage point where they start playing. The electro sounds of the “Night Hiking”arrangement whiz and whir by like so many falling stars in the night sky. No the instrumentation doesn’t match the song, but that’s not really the point. “Night Hiking” is another quality release from Yurumerumo!, which should tell you that if you haven’t checked out “WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL” yet, you should get on it.

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