New PV Alert: Yoshida Rinne – Find Me!

In bed checking her messages before a night out, Yoshida Rinne starts things off restless for the promotional video for her new Digital Single. Battling insomnia, the idol/rapper/model wanders through the streets before settling on the playground swingset. In our brief snippet, Rinne jumps back and forth from the rap style she has been cultivating to the melodic idol vocals that frequent these pages. Although the 1:40 of this short version isn’t really enough to form too much of an impression, I found “Find me!” cinematographically shot with inky blacks accenting and accentuating the sleepless feeling of the product. Yoshida Rinne has built a solid body of work in her time on the scene, and I’m happy to add this release to my list. Yoshida Rinne’s digital single “Find Me!” is available now.



Yoshida Rinne profile image
Yoshida Rinne promoting “Seventeen”

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