New PV Alert: Yoneko – Tobikiri no kiss / World wide word

Yoneko – Tobikiri no kiss

Former Bellring Shoujo Heart and MIGMA SHELTER member Yoneko gets her solo career off to a start with her song “Tobikiri no kiss”. As a self produced idol, there’s an upper limit to many productions, and “Tobikiri no kiss”, and filming your PV as a “dance cover” style definitely turns that limitation into a virue. One camera, one messy closet of a set, and tons of charm. Yoneko runs through the song multiple times in a variety of outfits from the school uniform to the bunny ears to the fashionable skirt and cardigan. And you know what? I’m completely sold. Yoneko comes across as cute, vibrant, and funny. The 80s callback arrangement works perfectly to sell Yoneko’s “lo-fi” charms, and I just can’t wait to click on the next video.




Yoneko – World wide word

“World wide word” may be the lead track from Yoneko’s “Sugimichan” single (her first solo single), but I think the promotional video is a bit outclassed by “Tobikiri no kiss”. “World wide word” offers us an animated version of Yoneko in her bunny outfit running barefoot around the world while lyrics fill the screen atop the sights. Like a side scrolling video game, Yoneko keeps at the same direction. Part of the fun of “World wide word” is seeing and hopefully recognizing things like the Great Wall of China, the Sphinx, Tower Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. I will say that this animated version of Yoneko is about a cute as the girl in person, so in that respect I say good on the animator. “Sugimichan” from Yoneko will be available from Number244 favorite Trash-up!! Records starting on November 11, 2018. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any links to share with you. I’ll be sure to update here when retail links become available.





Yoneko promoting “Sugimichan”

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