New PV Alert: YENA☆ – Fly High

Akashi local idols soar in their 4th single music video “Fly High”. Relentlessly poppy, the song plays on a familiar guitar progression, but that doesn’t stop the song from being fun. “Fly High” has no pretensions. The girls dance and jump infectiously in their brightly colored outfits. The sea wall and beaches of their town play cohost to the group’s revelry, which is probably appropriate for a group sponsored and produced by the local cable company, Akashi Cable Television. The main conceit here is the group wielding band instruments. No, YENA☆ are not band idols although they do a great job of faking it. If you want to check out more from the group, you’ll need to hit their home page (linked below), since I don’t see any product at the standard outlets.

YENA☆ Official Links
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