New PV Alert: Yanakoto Sotto Mute – Horoscope

Yanakoto Sotto Mute is the sister group to Bellring Shojo Heart, which is only important right now because this is the first time I’m covering YSM. Instead of the black crow wings donned by their sisters, this act chooses the white caped look. Let me be clear: I think this is a great song. “Horoscope” uses its dynamics well, the chorus is appropriately emotional, and the guitar fills that round out the sound lend urgency to the overall mix. The promotional video sees the girls in a puddle of water, executing their choreography, and being rained upon. And you know I’m only happy when it rains. You can buy “Horoscope” on Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s “Sealing” EP on November 12, 2016, but your only choice is on OTOTOY. The good news: starting on November 12, “Sealing” is FREE.

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