New PV Alert: Yanakoto Sotto Mute – HOLY GRAiL

Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s second one man live is set for December 22, 2017, and to celebrate the event the group is releasing the limited single “echoes”. From that single we get a promotional video for the track “HOLY GRAiL”. A lush guitar intro gives in to the waves of beats as the drums straighten out the 6/8. Musically, the push/pull between the two feels as they overlap and overtake each other should make “HOLY GRAiL” for us nerds. Visually, the strong theme of communion dominates the screen. Images of the girls in isolation at a four-seat table feel just as lonely as the girls sitting in fetal position. If the intellectualism of the track doesn’t grab you, then you might just gravitate to the images of the girls rocking out in their white caped outfits. “HOLY GRAiL” keeps Yanakoto Sotto Mute on the radar with a vision of alt idols that doesn’t involve sophomoric antics or over-the-top visuals.

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