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Remember Yamamoto Marin from Cheeky Parade? The girl has not only returned from Los Angeles with a degree from Santa Monica College, she’s starting of 2019 as a soloist. “Future” brings us our first look at the Cheeky Parade lead and standout vocalist. In a glowing green top and windbreaker worn at her shoulders, Marin puts her captivating and clear voice out there on this pop number. Marin goes from a beach reminiscent of Cheeky Parade’s last 9nin single, SKY GATE to the mountains where she can see all around her and especially in front of her. I’m not a geography whiz with Japan, but I’m guessing we’re looking at Marin’s home Mie prefecture. Well, I’m guessing Mie since “Future” is also the theme from the Mie TV program “Mie Live”. Back to roots and looking to her future, I’m looking forward to a great solo career from Marin.

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Yamamoto Marin – Future (Full Version)




Yamamoto Marin



Yamamoto Marin (山本真凜, born June 11, 1997) is a Japanese singer and dancer. Formerly a member of the iDOL Street group CHEEKY PARADE, Marin began working as a first-year student in the “Dance Style Kids”, a-nation act dancer, and SMAP live kids dancer. As a member of CHEEKY PARADE, Marin performed abroad in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. In 2016, Marin went on a two year hiatus in Los Angeles along with fellow Cheeky Parade member Suzuki Mariya and GEM member Takeda Maaya. While in Los Angeles for two years, Marin studied vocal and dance and graduated from Santa Monica College. In 2019, Yamamoto Marin began performing in Japan as a soloist who combines expressive power and global experience with a clear singing voice.
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