New PV Alert: Yamakatsu – STAY GOLD

The 9th single from Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, or Yamakatsu, gets a release on November 24. “STAY GOLD”, that oft-used phrase from S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders” gets a recall here as Yamakatsu offer encouraging words to the salarymen of the world. The girls get a dance shot in brilliantly white outfits in front of the stone porch of a stately looking building. Quickly paced and rock inspired music literally give our suited protagonist the push he needs to finish his day. And while Western eyes may see this “idols support their fans” trope as old hat, I’d like to think that the message of continuing to do one’s best is woven into the fabric of idols and idol culture. There’s nothing wrong with turning to a group of otherwise untalented girls as inspiration to finish one’s door-to-door sales, finish that report for the boss, or just finish off the day at the office. Yamakatsu’s “STAY GOLD”, the group’s 9th release, goes on sale on November 24, 2018.






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