New PV Alert: xoxo(Kiss&Hug) EXTREME – Rin-on ~rinne~

Progressive rock idols xoxo EXTREME pop their latest promotional video out there for you to behold. Fans of odd time signatures should be on board with “Rin-on ~rinne~” with its 7/8 ebb and flow. The song isn’t particularly in the hard-rock area of music; it’s more for recently emigrated jazz-heads. I realize that what I just typed here is a difficult sell for most listeners- this is always the risk when music strays from the pop formula. In any case, “Rin-on ~rinne~” is a neat listen, and the girls of xoxo EXTREME, bless them, do a god job of selling this tough sell. In keeping with the music, the girls spend a bit of time traipsing in forests and looking a little under a spell. Things get a bit psychedelic right when the flute solo and lick heavy guitar solo have their way. If xoxo EXTREME sound like your thing, check them out on their Bandcamp page linked below.


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