New PV Alert: X21 – Kagami no Naka no Parallel Girl

The girls of X21 have something for you. “Kagami no Naka no Parallel Girl” has the girls in matching denim and black shorts in this promotional video that’s part video within a video and part mysterious girl on the river. There’s a fair bit of the girls seeing themselves reflected through the studio monitors in between takes, which speaks to the songs lyrics. As expected from the group of finalists of the 13th Japan Bishōjo Contest, the girls featured here are all very pretty as they lean on each other to produce their best product here. Even with the 4.5 minute running time, this is still the short version of this PV, so I have yet to see how everything wraps up. I guess we’ll see what happens when “Kagami no Naka no Parallel Girl”, the ninth single from X21, hits stores on December 21, 2016.

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