New PV Alert: Wyenra – Unbalance

New listens for you all from the trio Wyenra and their new promotional video “Unbalance (アンバランス)”. The group has a very supernatural feel to their production and imagery that comes across in the misty shots of the group in their solo close ups. The music production sports rock instrumentation that doesn’t get too heavy. Instead, Wyenra seem to rely on the uncanny feel of the members coupled with the song’s melodic sensibilities. The promotional video puts the girls in a bit of peril as they are handcuffed like prisoners awaiting an execution. Keep Wyenra in mind when you are thinking about new groups; they have yet to find their sweet spot and the upside (as they say) is tremendous.





Wyenra promoting “Yokai disco”



WYENRA (ゑんら, えんら, enra) is a self-produced idol unit formed on January 14, 2018 featuring Miira Misata and Takiguchi Hikari, both formerly of the idol group drop, as well as Hikari’s sister Kirara. Wyenra made its live debut on February 10, 2018. Although all members belong to Platinum Production from July 15, 2018, they have a contract that does not involve in any activities, and they are working as free self-producing units. Wyenra’s current lineup includes members Miira Misato (木乃伊 みさと), Takiguchi Hikari (滝口 ひかり), and Takiguchi Kirara (滝口 きらら).
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Misato version

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