New PV Alert: Wada Ayaka – Anata ga Eranda Mono, Anata ga Erabu Mono

New music from former ANGERME leader Wada Ayaka gets a promotional video today with the release of “Anata ga Eranda Mono, Anata ga Erabu Mono (あなたが選んだもの、あなたが選ぶもの)”. With self-penned lyrics, Ayaka delivers her most convincing vocal performance to date. The delicate arrangement takes and ethereal turn as Ayaka refuses to lip the lyrics until the final moments of “Anata ga Eranda Mono …”. There’s a definite mood developing with Ayaka’s solo career that far outstrips her idol pop origins. As she continues to define herself as an artist, we are all waiting enthusiastically for her to emerge from her chrysalis. In the meantime, Wada Ayaka will hit the road from February 24 to March 12 with her first solo live tour, titled Wada Ayaka Live Tour Mae 2021 ―Kono Kimochi no Saki ni Aru Mono wa Nani?―.





Wada Ayaka



Wada Ayaka (和田彩花) was born on August 1, 1994 in Gunma Prefecture. Ayaka joined Hello! Project as part of the first generation of Hello! Project Eggs in 2004. On April 2009, she was promoted as the initial member of the idol group “S / mileage” (later renamed “Angerme”) and appointed as the group’s leader. On May 2010, she made a major debut with “Yumemiru 15” and won the 52nd Japan Record Award for Best Newcomer in the same year. Ayaka graduated from Angerme and Hello! Project on June 18, 2019 after a 15 year stint with the organization. In parallel with idol activity, Ayaka went on to university and now studies art at graduate school. Her special skill is talking about art, and her favorite painter is Edouard Manet. Ayaka’s favorite art fields are Western modern paintings, contemporary art, and Buddha statues.
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