New PV Alert: Wa-Suta – Wanna Be Famous

The World Standard go full kitty with their new release “Wanna Be Famous”, which isn’t anywhere near as amusing as its Japanese title “Yumei ni Nyaritai.” You know what else is amusing? THIS PROMOTIONAL VIDEO. So, let’s get this straight: Wa-Suta are bored waiting around, so they take a trip to the past? They grab their kitten gloves and incant their magic spell and are flux-capacitate to the best opening line I’ve heard this year: “I really respect you, Mr. Bob Marley”. Without getting into too many more particulars, the past comes alive for Wa-Suta in their quest to become a statue in Shibuya. Along the way the group makes drops in on a multitude of historical references and musical styles, making “Wanna Be Famous” partly innocently mirthful and partly trippy and vomitous. That doesn’t really sound like a compliment, but you know it is the highest praise. “Yumei ni, Nyaritai.” makes its own history on February 22, 2017.

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