New PV Alert: Wa-suta – Ulta Miracle Final Ultimate Choco Beam / Stand alone complex

Wa-suta – Ultra Miracle Final Ultimate Choco Beam

Wa-suta – Stand alone complex

The next installment of Studio Live music today from Wa-Suta and the NEKONOTE band begins with their debut, the hilariously titled “Ultra Miracle Final Ultimate Choco Beam (うるとらみらくるくるふぁいなるアルティメットチョコびーむ)”. The heavily produced original track gets the band treatment with some great instrumentalists reproducing the sounds. I’m especially fond of the abundance of China cymbal (I just love that trash can lid). Oh, right we also get a very nice vocal performance from the girls and more standout performances from Ruka and Nanase.

Speaking of vocal performances, the second track here, “Stand alone complex (スタンドアロン・コンプレックス)” features Ruka and Nanase again taking lead with the other girls providing background dance performances. But really, the attraction here is the sparkling delivery of these two girls. “Stand alone complex” is one of my favorite tracks from Wa-suta’s “JUMPING SUMMER mini album, so I’m glad the song gets some measure of spotlight here.

Wa-suta’s free live at Yoyogi Park takes place SOON … October 8 to be exact. Be there if you can!

Wa-suta – Ultra Miracle Final Ultimate Choco Beam



Wa-suta – Stand alone complex




Wa-suta promoting “The Legend of WASUTA”

The World Standard, stylized as Wa–suta (わーすた), is a 5-member group formed on March 29, 2015, as iDOL Street’s fourth idol group. The group’s image is described as a digital age idol generation that works towards the world to spread “kawaii japan idol” culture using social media and “real idol” activities. Wa-suta’s current lineup includes members Sakamoto Hazuki (坂元 葉月), Hirokawa Nanase (廣川 奈々聖), Matsuda Miri (松田 美里), Kodama Ririka (小玉 梨々華), and Mishina Ruka (三品 瑠香).
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