New PV Alert: Wa-suta – Mera Nya Iza!!!!! 〜Kimi ni A・Ge・U♪〜

Fresh from their triumphs at Anime North in Toronto, The World Standard (Wa-suta to those in the know) get their latest RPG themed promotional off the ground with the release of “Mera Nya Iza!!!!! 〜Kimi ni A・Ge・U♪〜 (メラにゃイザー!!!!! ~君に、あ・げ・う♪~ )”. In alter egos and in their transformed states, the girls lock themselves into a cat and mouse chase with the first person troll. The PV features some unique angles of the girls of Wa-suta throwing punches at YOUR face before netting you like you were Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes. Like the RPGs that inspire the PV, “Mera Nya Iza!!!!! 〜Kimi ni A・Ge・U♪〜” features sweeping electro arpeggios and driving beats. All this is great news: an growing worldwide audience, a new PV, and a new mini album release should CATapult Wa-suta into the global idol consciousness. You can find “Mera Nya Iza!!!!! 〜Kimi ni A・Ge・U♪〜” on Wa-suta’s 3rd mini album “The Legend of WASUTA” on sale June 26, 2019.

Wa-suta promoting “The Legend of WASUTA”

The World Standard, stylized as Wa–suta (わーすた), is a 5-member group formed on March 29, 2015, as iDOL Street’s fourth idol group. The group’s image is described as a digital age idol generation that works towards the world to spread “kawaii japan idol” culture using social media and “real idol” activities. Wa-suta’s current lineup includes members Sakamoto Hazuki (坂元 葉月), Hirokawa Nanase (廣川 奈々聖), Matsuda Miri (松田 美里), Kodama Ririka (小玉 梨々華), and Mishina Ruka (三品 瑠香).
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