New PV Alert: Up Up Girls (2) – Doshaburi no Terrace Seki (teaser)

Fresh off the presses we get a “teaser” video for Up Up Girls (2) January 1, 2018 single “Doshaburi no terrace seki / Fuyu tote tote”. Admittedly, this promotional video for “Doshaburi no terrace seki” is just a single camera dance shot which leads me to believe that we haven’t seen anything yet! I’ve heard a bit about how much of a natural Mayu is for center position, and the girl makes good on that promise captaining the ship for the first minute of the PV. I think we also get the first set of satisfying single costumes. The white skirts poof pleasingly with every twirl while the colored details “pop” nicely. In all, “Doshaburi no terrace seki” is a great tease for the Up Up Girls little sister group that shows them coming along nicely just shy of a year after their debut.

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