New PV Alert: Under Beasty – O kiraku song

The cute idol face of Under Beasty release a promotional video for “O kiraku song (お気楽ソング)”. The five girls get girly with a “pajamas only” sleepover punctuated with balloons, plushie animals, and Pocky games. Assembled on the back lawn, the girls get a dance shot flanked by nature’s perfect canvas of trees. Of course, the fivesome are cute enough to make this idol overload work, but it’s in such stark contrast to the other side of Under Beasty. I’m not finding any purchase links for “O kiraku song”, so this one is up to you.





Under Beasty



UNDER BEASTY is a Japanese unit that performs under two personas.
Under Beasty (アンダービースティー) is a visual rock unit that features intense, heavy bass and an individuality of its music. Because the members and the producers work along the same path, the group considers itself more of a artist than an idol, or a idol x artist.
Under Beasty (あんだーびーすてぃー), although comprised of the same members, is a super royal road idol unit. This persona is the exact opposite of アンダービースティー.
Under Beasty’s current lineup includes members Uetake Yua (植竹優亜), Haruno Yumu (春乃友夢), Nagase Kaho (長瀬夏帆), Kamiya Mio (神谷美緒), and Imai Rina (今井莉南).
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