New PV Alert: Uchida Shuri – Rhythm ni awa sete odoru / Itsumo no asa

Uchida Shuri – Rhythm ni awa sete odoru

Uchida Shuri – Itsumo no asa

A couple of promotional videos broke for Uchida Shuri recently, both with the sense of mystery that wowed me the first time I heard her. “Rhythm ni awa sete oduru (リズムに合わせて踊る)” starts with the singer visiting abandoned places in black and white. The simple dress that Shuri wears looks perfect in the monochromatic screen; she looks like spirit floating to the rhythm. A few colorful pops of Shuri enshrouded in smoke complement the slow groove of “Rhythm ni awa sete odoru” as the song picks up momentum and lets some noisy ghosts loose.

On the second track “Itsumo no asa (いつもの朝)”, Shuri keeps things simple (?) with a self-shot promotional video of those morning hours around Tokyo. Most images are drained of color to keep with the ethereal nature of the singer’s most recent output. As Shuri trains the camera on herself, we get a good look at the model-cum-singer. I know the pacing and mood of Uchida Shuri doesn’t work for many of you out there, but I’m seriously entranced. You can find both of these tracks on Uchida Shuri’s recent 1st EP release “Hikari no naka wo oyogu (光の中を泳ぐ)”, on sale now.






Uchida Shuri promoting “Hikari no naka wo oyogu”



UCHIDA SHURI (内田珠鈴) is a female singer and model born on April 26, 2001 in Fukuoka. As an elementary student, Shuri won Grand Prix at an elementary school student audition for the fashion magazine JS Girl. In April 2017, she graduated from an exclusive modeling contract with JS Girl and moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo begin activities as an artist. By December of that same year, Uchida Shuri held her first one-man live: a sold-out performance at Shibuya gee-ge.
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