New PV Alert: Uchida Shuri – Kimi wa mou inai

Dragging the lamp through the duff, today we get the premier in New PV Alerts of model cum singer Uchida Shuri. Making her way to Tokyo from Fukuoka, Uchida shows herself the possess an engaging vocal style and a wicked sense with “Kimi wo mou inai (君はもういない)”. We see the young vocalist in a soaked, verdant passageway and in the urban jungles of Shinjuku. The contrast of the two settings is drastic, Uchida seems to be straddling both worlds. The musical accompaniment is a sophisticated groove that eschews booming sounds in favor of a mysterious pallette. Uchida’s trip to the lush forest seems like a mystery until we see her digging a hole with a heavy spade (where’d that come from) and dropping her illuminated bag into her makeshift grave. My mind immediate believes that Uchida is burying her innocence either for safe keeping or for an ultimate disposal. The lamp Uchida has been dragging through the pine needles and detritus becomes her artificial light source for better or worse. That’s a pretty dark reading of the situation, I agree. Maybe that’s why I like it. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty intrigued by “Kimi wa mou inai” and Uchida Shuri. Here’s hoping for more of the stuff! “Kimi wo mou inai” is available now as a digital single at the retailers below.





Uchida Shuri promoting “Kimi wa mou inai”



UCHIDA SHURI (内田珠鈴) is a female singer and model born on April 26, 2001 in Fukuoka. As an elementary student, Shuri won Grand Prix at an elementary school student audition for the fashion magazine JS Girl. In April 2017, she graduated from an exclusive modeling contract with JS Girl and moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo begin activities as an artist. By December of that same year, Uchida Shuri held her first one-man live: a sold-out performance at Shibuya gee-ge.
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