New PV Alert: Tsuri Bit – My Victory

Tsuri Bit’s latest digital single won’t be released until February 1, 2017, but the promotional video is already here. “My Victory” starts with the girls leaving class after a particularly demoralizing assignment – a career assessment. After making their way outdoors they meet … well, a freaking dude. Decked in bright bold patterns and identity obscuring glasses, Mr. Mysterious implants the idea in the girls’ heads to become idols. It doesn’t end there, because their homeroom teacher finds them and gives them a cross-dressed performance. I probably said too much already; I’ll can it right here. Tsuri Bit is one of those idol acts that I always find myself drawn to, and not because of my fond childhood memories on fishing boats. “My Victory” culminates in a great performance that really gets to the heart of the idol occupation, making the song and PV a highlight of this week’s releases.

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Digital Single

Digital Single


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