New PV Alert: Tsuri bit – 1010 ~Toto~

The sound of the aquarium bubbling can only mean a new release from Tsuri Bit. For “1010 ~Toto~” a bit of trouble hovers near the group as a disagreement fractures the group. Don’t worry, things turn out just fine by the end of the song (I don’t think you were really worried). Every time I listen to Tsuri Bit, I’m impressed by how clean the production sounds, and “1010 ~Toto~” doesn’t buck that trend with great sounding vocals and instrumentals. If you need to accuse Tsuri Bit of anything, then you’d have to say the polish leaves the group without too much of an edge. But, that’s not too much of a worry for me. You can pick up the 9th single release from Tsuri Bit when it lands on record store shelves on November 1, 2017.


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