New PV Alert: trolleattroll – lost

With the collapse of Ladybaby, you might be wondering what Kaneko Rie will be doing with her time aside from modelling. As it turns out, Rie has this nifty project all booted up and ready to go. trolleattroll puts Rie in the hands of Tokyo musicians, photographers and video writers for a collaborative effort. The first phase of the project, titled “lost”, seems to be about the transition to adulthood at age 20 (in Japan) just as Rie herself is in that transitional age. You’ll find Rie in strobing through various stages of wet (from birth?) in a semi-transparent top and black shorts. The flowers in bloom are both exotic and symbolic in their temporary state: beautiful, cut down, and awaiting the inevitable death. The fey electronic instrumentals pulses along almost imperceptibly underneath Rie’s whispered vocals. “lost” evokes more of an impression than a melody and seems just about right for this artistic project. You can check out the accompanying photography for “lost” on DropBox or firestorage, which chronicles Kaneko Rie’s last day as a teenager. Distribution of “lost” seems to be through Sound Cloud, so get clicking!

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