New PV Alert: Tokyo Girls’ Style – predawn

Tokyo Girls’ Style’s “predawn” certainly fits the bill with shots of the foursome dancing on a rooftop at the titular time-of-day. All of these outdoor shots are vignetted to heighten the effect and make those orange creamsicle sunrises really pop. Clad in crushed pink velvet, the group’s choreography remains sharp for this 22nd release. True to style, the shots that we’ll probably be talking about are the girls fully clothed and immersed in a white bathtub shooting looks that could launch 1,000 ships. Sure they have grown up quite a bit in last few years, but Tokyo Girls’ Style still have a penchant for evocative visuals. On the music side of things, TGS doesn’t stray too far from their repertoire of the past year. Subdued beats under the looping melodies punctuate melodic lines like “You’re so close, you’re so far away.” Perhaps “predawn” doesn’t beat down with the bombast of other recent idol offerings, but the subtle textures are enough for me to put this one on my hot list. Tokyo Girls’ Style’s “predawn / Don’t Give Up” breaks day on March 1, 2017.

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