New PV Alert: Tokyo Flavor – SWEET STORY

To tell the truth, I don’t know a whole lot about Tokyo flavor, but there’s a bit of sincerity and sweetness that comes through on this admittedly lower budget production that draws me in. The girls of the group play school idol with rooftop rehearsals and classroom lessons. Neckties and plaid skirts look as cute as ever on the members as they race up the stairs to their destiny. As for plot, I’m not sure if the teacher is joining the group, or maybe she’s teaching the group their choreography, or maybe they are saying goodbye to members (likely- member Hoshi Yurika graduated on February 7 and Shiraishi Mayumi graduated on February 11). In any case I did enjoy the simple melodies and the bright smiles of Tokyo flavor. If you have any insight here I’d love to hear it!







Tokyo Flavor (東京flavor) is an idol group that made their debut in 2015 as part of the flavor groups (Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, etc.). Tokyo Flavor’s current lineup includes members Niina (にいな), Hoshi Yurika (星ゆりか), Shiraishi Mayumi (白石まゆみ), and Ayasaki Sumire (彩咲すみれ).
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