New PV Alert: tipToe. – Yumebiyori

New idol group released tipToe. released two promotional videos today. In this first one, “Yumebiyori”, the girls dance in an empty school, presumably after all the students left for the day. Laced throughout, we also get solo dance shots and our girls decorating chalkboards around the campus. Firstly, this location looks right out of the picture book of perfect Japanese schools. “Yumebiyori” exudes beauty because of this locale, and also because each shot is well-composed and processed. The girls are very cute: you can see they are still new to this business, a bit shy, and counting their steps carefully. In many ways I want to say that this PV is remarkable with its unremarkableness … which to my ears sounds like it’s a job well-done. When even the commonplace is imbued with an amount of magic, something special is born.

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