New PV Alert: tipToe – Naisho toku

tipToe. make the most of their time with a new promotional video that highlights the girls’ cute sides on “Naisho toku (ないしょとーく )”. Awake from the slumber party, the girls of tipToe walk us through a few twin dance shots and breakfast cupcake decorations while still in their sleepwear. I’m really into this PV because we get the many close up shots that we never really got from the group’s previous PV releases. For a group that spends most of their performance time in some variant of school uniforms, tipToe really seem determined to showcase their cute, girly sides with this latest PV, and I’m savoring every last moment.







ABOUT tipToe.

TIPTOE (ティップトウ, stylized tipToe.) is an idol group formed in December 2016. Launched as an in-house project of production joint company SOVA, it was formed by members selected from the public in audition conducted in the summer of 2016 . “Shall we all be youthful?” is the concept lifelong sentimental idol group “tipToe.” Music and visuals with motifs of youth and schools are characteristic. Members are required to graduate in three years from joining with a three-year term system. Each member will run through with utmost effort for the limited time. The name of the group is “stand on tiptoe” which means “stretch” (“stand on tiptoe”) with the thought “to stretch slightly and reach higher than now”. tipTOE.’s current lineup includes members Hanasaki Natsumi (花咲なつみ), Totsuka Nene (都塚寧々), Mihara Umi (三原海), Mukumoto Manaka (椋本真叶), Hino Ami (日野あみ), and Naruse Yuyuka (成瀬ゆゆか).

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