New PV Alert: THIS IS NATS – Bye bye

THIS IS NATS, the soloist who writes her own music and produces her own videos and artwork, leaves a short yet cute promotional video for you to remember her into 2019. Working in front on a single camera outfitted with a wide angle lens, the soloist sings her lullaby melody mostly in a fluffy hoodie with pom pom drawstrings. There are props to play with and a number of outfits to try, and the sparse instrumentals complement the singer’s idol-ish voice. Now, I have no problem watching an idol spend 3.5 minutes in an extended solo close up, so “Bye bye” fits neatly into my watchable range of PVs. The music picks up a bit of steam as different beats get a try, but I think I just like seeing THIS IS NATS using her paint roller as a microphone or her vacuum cleaner as a boom arm. As to how you will get your own copy of “Bye bye”, will I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe you should just visit her home page.








THIS IS NATS is a solo idol. She is a solo production who writes her own songs, produces her own videos and artwork.
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