New PV Alert: Theme park Girl – Can’t live without my dreams

The young ones are here to take over with a disco flavored song and high energy. “Can’t live without my dreams (その夢失くして生きてゆけるだろうか)” is a live shot promotional video featuring Theme park Girl (there’s actually five of them) on stage and in a few mobile phone “behind the scenes” shots. The compelling part of “Can’t live without my dreams” is the great, high energy disco arrangement that gives off a little bit of a Golden Era Hello! Project vibe. Theme park Girl seems to be more than up for the challenge, and they turn in a solid performance that puts them on my radar. Theme park Girl are young with an all members still attending middle school (shock!), so I expect great things from them if they can stick it out. Give them a listen, and let me know what you think!





Theme park Girl



THEME PARK GIRL is an idol unit formed in December 2016. Theme park Girl’s current lineup includes members Emii (えみい), Momoka (ももか), Kelly (けりぃ), Igusa (いぐさ), and Kanami (かなみ).
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