New PV Alert: THE BANANA MONKEYS – Nani-mono

Performed in one take, THE BANANA MONKEYS bring you something a little more on the idol side with their new promotional video “Nani-mono”. Starting in a classroom and ending up on a stage facsimile for a taste of live performances, the group provides more cute looks than you’d probably expect. There’s a little bit of a yankee look as things start out: swords and bats are carried around menacingly. But when THE BANANA MONKEYS get to the train like their own version of “JMK”, things get really endearing. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this, but the group execute a live outfit change (discreetly behind a towel). “Nani-mono” is probably the most accessible I’ve ever seen the MONKEY girls, and I’d recommend it to you in a heartbeat. And as a bonus for you banana fiends, THE BANANA MONKEYS provide a version of “Nani-mono” with the live audio to give you a taste of the mayhem involved with a production of this concept.






THE BANANA MONKEYS is a Japanese music group and a female idol group formed in 2017. There are several abbreviations such as Banana Monkeys, Banamon, Monkey, and tbms, but the official is “Banamon”. The group call their lives “gym”, selling goods “bait”, and fans are “keepers”. During the live, you can shoot pictures and videos of the group. THE BANANA MONKEY’S current lineup includes Tenka No Chanyuki (天下のちゃんゆき), Mozuku Sun (モズク・サン), Asuka Rei (アスカ・レイ), and Mizuguchi Yaguchi (水口じゃぐち).
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