New PV Alert: THE BANANA MONKEYS – My hair is jinsei (Lyric Video)

So nice of THE BANANA MONKEYS to return with another promotional video so soon! Well, sort of. “My hair is jinsei” is a lyric video, so you won’t get much more than the haircut of our identity concealed salon patron. “My hair is jinsei” does give us another listen to the group, and I’m liking what I’m hearing! The song is of the slower variety like those emotionally meaningful songs you expect at the back end of a group’s set (or every Coldplay song ever). The acoustic guitar that opens the song persists like a motif. The girls take turns singing an equally catchy chorus melody as our girl gets her hair trimmed out in the back. I know, the haircut isn’t exactly entraling footage. But, hey at least we get to hear more of THE BANANA MONKEYS, and that’s win in my book at this stage of the group’s career.



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