New PV Alert: Terashima Yufu – Ii onna wo yoroshiku

Celebrating five years as a solo idol, Terashima Yufu brings the promotional video for “Ii Onna wo Yoroshiku (いい女をよろしく; Greet a Nice Lady)” to us for release. Yuffie keeps things nice and idol-ish with elaborate performance costumes (feathers! sparkles!), stuffed animals, and an ever-present cat. Yufu lazes about her faux apartment eating ramen, and (perhaps unattractively?) picking up a new tissue from the box with her toes. When the camera pulls back for a dance shot, Yufu doesn’t disappoint with her best idols moves on display. There’s even a little fan service for you as Yufu starts taking off her sweatshirt for a bath or dances on her futon in her towel fresh from that aforementioned bath. The disco soundtrack for “Ii onna wo yoroshiku” keeps things fun and fresh, and if you’ve never listen this former BiS member in her post WACK career, now might be a good time to check her out! “Ii onna wo Yoroshiku” is available in stores on April 17, 2019.




Terashima Yufu



Terashima Yufu (寺嶋由芙, テラシマ ユフ) is a Japanese idol under She is a former member of BiS and currently works as a soloist. On July 9th 2011, a day after her 20th birthday, Terashima was announced as a member of BiS, replacing Yokoyama Rina who had withdrawn a couple of months prior. As BiS was still promoting “My Ixxx” at the time, Terashima was added to much of the promotional material, despite not actually contributing on the single. Terashima Yufu’s final single in BiS, BiSimulation, was released March 13th, 2013. On May 26th, Terashima graduated from BiS due to frequent arguments with Pour Lui over the direction BiS should take. Yufu currently records under Teichiku Entertainment.
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