New PV Alert: Tebasaki Sensation – Hajimari no signal

Tebasaki Sensation, the Nagoya sisters of the now defunct Tsuyogari Sensation hits us with a taste of summer on their latest promotional video “Hajimari no signal”. The group takes to a sunny day on a patch of green with the ocean gleaming behind them. Energetically, the girls twirl and kick like a cheer squad on the gridiron waiting for the next touchdown. With a title like “Hajimari no signal”, you suspect that things are really going to heat up for the group in this brand new year. Looking at the cute members and their Duracell Bunny energy levels, I think there’s a good chance we’ll hear much more about this group before the next winter knocks on the door. There’s some good stuff here in Tebasaki Sensation. I would leave you with a corny line like “they’re finger lickin’ good!” (“tebasaki” is Nagoya style chicken wings), but … well I guess I DID leave you with that cornball line!





Tebasaki Sensation



Tebasaki Sensation was formed in 2017 as the Nagoya branch group of Tokyo-based Tsuyogari Sensation. Tebasaki Sensation’s current lineup includes Morita Hina (森田陽菜), Kamiya Mirei (神谷美玲), Saito Manaka (斉藤まなか), Hashimoto Koharu (橋本琴春), Miike Shiho (三池志歩), and Tsukano Nayu (塚野なゆ).
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