New PV Alert: Team Syachihoko – JUMP MAN

It feels like ages since the last Team Syachihoko single, and we finally get relief with the release of “JUMP MAN”. The 8th single from the group puts the group back on earth, but not quite. Let me explain, the first images we see are the group in space walk mode looking down on the earth from their orbit. The catchy groove and chorus melody are introduced from above, and the girls soon enter more terrestrial habitats. The five girls put together a few different scenarios with each one a bit more surreal next: b-ball girls, shogi master, safety warden, and … plane spotter(?). The girls dance together in a couple of different scenarios as well- I quite like the unstructured mansion foyer dance. As you might expect, Team Syachihoko continue to play to their nearly-nonsensical strengths with “JUMP MAN”, all of which is made easier with the fun and infectious pop melodies of the song. I’ve practically given up trying to tie all the images together, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy “JUMP MAN” any less. Team Syachihoko’s 8th single goes on sale on February 28, 2018.


Team Syachihoko profile image
Team Syachihoko promoting “JUMP MAN”

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