New PV Alert: Task have Fun – Marble-iro no kimochi

Who exactly is the biggest up-and-coming idol group of the moment? I think most of us who are paying attention would say Task Have Fun. What better way to capitalize on this momentum than to release a ballad for the latest release? OK I know that sounds strange, but the “slow song” release always seems to do the trick of solidifying a group’s place among the giants. This promotional video release also takes a bit of daring as the girls spend most of the song in the same positions, pelted with water, and performing along to a 1.3 speed playback (for that slow motion effect). I for one think the effect is beautiful. Rather than seeing the Fuuka, Kyouka, and Natsuki as a trio of quirky young idols I can see them take their place as beautiful jewels of the Jpop music scene. You just need to look beyond the trees to see it happen.

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