New PV Alert: Task have Fun – Kimi nanda kara

Task have Fun come back with their sixth release “Kimi nanda kara” and the corresponding promotional video. The infectious, hyperactive arrangement of the group’s previous releases is in full effect with this release. Grooves on the guitars and double bass add retro flair to the trio and ends up sounding like a fresh mix of old and new. Fuuka, Kyouka, and Natsuki pump around in their color domains for the majority of the promotional video, and their sheer enthusiasm for this “simple” task showcases why so many have fallen in love with these three girls. “Kimi nanda kara” exudes pure youthfulness, and I defy you to watch the promotional video without feeling affection for the girls. I only hope that eventually I can find links to their releases for you: I can’t find them on any of the sites I normally link here. Task have Fun are on the rise for some really great reasons; get on the train.
“Kimi nanda kara” goes on sale April 7, 2018.



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Task have Fun promoting “3WD”

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