New PV Alert: Task have Fun – Hoshi full WISH

After a legth of absence, Task have Fun return to the airwaves with their new single “Hoshi full WISH (星フルWISH)”. Like some of the group’s most memorable PV’s, the trio make use of an artificial environment and a rotating turntable. The white theme of the song invades every aspect of the PV with every set piece colored in shades of gray and the girls themselves in pure white dresses. On this time out, Task have Fun find themselves with an arrangement devoid of the sharp angles of their more classic songs. “Hoshi full WISH” plays more in the vein of classic pop with driven guitars barely peeking out over mood setting strings and bells. You’ll definitely hear some of lots of the Task have Fun melodic cadences throughout the arrangement; it’s just framed in a slightly different way. “Hoshi full WISH” descends in stores on February 26, 2020.





Task have Fun promoting “Hoshi full WISH”



Task have Fun is an idol trio. They were formed in February 2016 and performed under the name TASK part ONE until changing their name in April of the same year. All the members were in Junior High School when Task have Fun were created from members of Velvet Management Agency. The unit name “Task have Fun” can be interpreted into “If you have a task, a job, the task = have fun or have fun”, etc. The main music production for Task have Fun is done by GUCCHO (Yamaguchi Toshiya). Task have Fun currently includes members Kumazawa Fuka (熊澤風花), Shiraoka Kyoka (白岡今日花), and Satonaka Natsuki (里仲菜月).
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