New PV Alert: Tacoyaki Rainbow – Chichin Puipuipui (Short Version)

Ahead of their first album release, Tacoyaki Rainbow releases a promotional video for their lead album track, “Chichin Puipuipui”. The upbeat song is coupled with outfits that look like they were lifted from Princess Jasmine’s closet (which is admittedly a bit uncomfortable for the author). Nevertheless, TakoNiji throw on street clothes at some point and take the viewer on a quick Osaka tour accompanied by their hype track, and everything feels great from there. Tacoyaki Rainbow’s first album, “Maido! Okini!”, hits shelves on December 21, 2016- barely in time to fill your favorite stocking.

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Type A(2CD+Blu Ray) | CDJapan


Type C (2CD+Blu Ray) | CDJapan


Type E (2CD) | CDJapan


Type B (2CD+DVD) | CDJapan


Type D (2CD+DVD) | CDJapan


Type F (2CD+Blu Ray) | CDJapan

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