New PV Alert: Suzuki Airi – Betsu no hito no kanojo ni natta yo

From Suzuki Airi’s second album, “Betsu no hito no kanojo ni natta yo (別の人の彼女になったよ)” is given the English title “No regret” even though the song is often translated as “I became someone else’s girlfriend”. Airi gives her cover of the wacci original a promotional video told through the cell phone camera of the former boyfriend of the equation. The footage presents an unguarded Airi at her silliest and at her truest moments. Watching the PV feels like one is fawning over the memory of a lost love. The sentimental melody has made “Betsu no hito no kanojo ni natta yo” a favorite among the idol set, and Airi lends the song an arrangement that relies on a piano setting that builds like a slow fire. Airi’s voice sounds direct and free from overdone effects as though she is singing directly to your ears. It’s easy to get caught up in the nostalgia. You can find “Betsu no hito no kanojo ni natta yo” on Suzuki Airi’s “i” in stores now.





Suzuki Airi promoting “i”



Airi Suzuki (鈴木 愛理 Suzuki Airi, born April 12, 1994)is a Japanese pop singer, actress, model, and radio personality. She first gained recognition when she joined Hello! Project Kids and later became the lead vocalist of the Japanese idol girl group Cute from 2005 to 2017. Throughout her singing career, Suzuki also became a vocalist for the pop rock girl group Buono! From June 2015 onwards, she became an exclusive model for the fashion magazine Ray.
After Cute disbanded in 2017, Suzuki debuted as a solo singer with the album Do Me a Favor
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