New PV Alert: Sugar & Solt – Iro to Ridori no Melody

You should know by now that I have a soft spot for this sort of thing. Sugar & Solt are doing things on probably the barest of budgets. “Iro to Ridori no Melody” cannot boast a riches in budget or quality camera work. You’ll get the girls dancing in a cyclorama, a few horribly balanced outdoor shots, and nothing else for variety. Hell, the video was uploaded in 360p! But, I find myself responding with the earnest delivery of Suzu and Hime. They clearly want the idol life as much as anyone I’ve seen- even if it means sticking to the very bottom of the pan. So I urge you not to look at what Sugar & Solt does not have, but rather look at what could be with this incredibly young group. At this point I would direct you to where you can buy Sugar & Solt’s first single, but I can’t even find that!

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